Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Professional Video Game Services?

An Organized Group of Skilled or Knowledgeable Gamer’s that Can Teach You How to Play Specific Gaming Objectives or Help you Potentially Increase Your Rank, Obtain Valuable Items, Complete Objectives and many other Gaming Endeavors .  You May Also just want the experience of playing with a Skilled Players, or You just want the convenience of Having a Gaming Service Specialist Complete Your Desired Gaming Ventures.

Gaming Service Information

What are Carries, Boosting, Farming and Leveling Services?

Carrying:  Doing the work with the players while Helping Players get through task.

Boosting:  Increase Players Competitive Rank, Stats, or Help Player achieve Items/Rewards.

Leveling:  Increase Players Numbered Rank

Farming:  Playing Mission, event or quest multiple times to try to obtain Gear or Valuable Items

What are the Pro Options?

Pro Plays For You:  One of Our Professional Team Members plays on your Gaming Profile

You Play with Pro:  You play with one or more of our Professional Team Members

How Many Games do you have Services Available for?

For now, the only Gaming Services that we have available are for Destiny 2 and there will be Destiny 2 coaching services and a variety of other Destiny 2 services coming soon.  Also,  in the future we plan on expanding to include various gaming services for a variety of other games.  

At what time will the service begin?

The service’s will start around 1 to 24 hours after the order has been placed.  In most cases though we will start the services within the services advertised time range.

Billing Details Information

What is the Gaming Profile ID?

It’s the name associated with your personal Console Gaming Account or PC Gaming Account.  For Example, your Xbox Gamertag, PlayStation Username or your Blizzard Username

What is the Gaming Profile Login Email/Login Password?

It’s the Email and Password that you use to sign into your Xbox Account, Playstation account or your Account

Why do you need my Gaming Profile Information?

This information is only needed If you purchased a service where a Pro Plays for you, if you did then we need this information to play on your account.

Why is my Personal Information needed in the Billing Details?

This is to Prevent Credit/Debit Card Fraud, if we suspect your card information is stolen then we check and see if the Credit/Debit Card is linked to the information put in the billing details.

Orders and Service Time

How long does it take to complete a service?

1 hour to 14 days is generally the range for our services, but it also depends on the service you would like completed.  So for most services it can take a couple of hours, but for others it can take several days.

Will you contact me when you’re going to start the service?

We will email you or message you on your Gaming Profile when were about to begin the service.  We may also message you on any preferable social messaging platform.

Will I be Notified when the service is complete if a Pro Plays for me.

Yes, we will message your email or your Gaming Profile when we are done with the service.   We may also message you on any preferable social messaging platform.

Are there any refunds for these services?

Refunds may occur under certain circumstances, If We Fail to Complete the Service that You Purchased, then You will get Your money Back Guaranteed.  In all other circumstances You can still request a refund by contacting our Customer Service Representative via the chatbox

More Questions, Ask Anything in our live Chatbox or you can Email Us.