Destiny 2 Specialist Position

Job Description:  Destiny 2 Service Specialist Help Customers complete Difficult or Time-consuming Destiny 2 Video Game Tasks.  The Video Game Service Specialist Job title entails that will help complete services related to the customers’ purchases; whether it be Playing on customers Account or with them to Increase their Rank, Farm Gear, Complete End Game Content, and many our other Services.  Lastly, One of the overall Main Responsibility’s is Helping/Guiding customers and making sure you’re both having as much fun as possible.

Summary of Job Description: A Service Specialist Helps/Teaches Players to Complete Difficult/ Time-Consuming Destiny 2 Tasks.

Specialist Position Offers:

+ Commission Based Pay 

+ You Choose When You want to Work

+ Get the Satisfaction of Helping Fellow Customers Complete their Destiny Ventures

Specialist Application Form:



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Disclaimer:  This application won’t be used for excluding or limiting any applicant on the basis of disability, age, race, color, sex, or religion.