The Glorious Crucible Gear Farm

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If you want specific weapons or armor that have a high drop rate in crucible.  We can help you achieve that goal. We can farm for you, and help you get what you need in crucible.

Package Guarantees:  (Crucible Matches Completed Varies Depending on Package Chosen)

Multiple Crucible Matches Completed     

+ Potential Uncommon Crucible Gear

+ Potential Exclusive Rare Crucible Gear

+ Potential Legendary Crucible Gear

Start Time & Finish:

With the service, we can start helping You within 24 hours after purchase.  After we have gotten the order started it can take Anywhere from 2 hours to 14 days to complete this service.


Will You Really Play Until Shaxx Says You’ve Had Enough?  < Question Relevant to [ “Keep Playing Until Shaxx says “You’ve Had Enough ” Service Option ]

Yes, at the Point of Getting 30 Crucible Matches Done; Shaxx will tell us to put down the controller and go outside.


We wish Shaxx had that line of dialogue.

But Unfortunately, we only Guarantee that we will get 30 Crucible Matches Complete with this Particular Package. (Actual Answer to Question Above)


Am I Guaranteed a Specific Amount of Gear?

No, The Gear that has the potential to Drop When Farming Crucible Matches is Random.


More Questions:

Feel Free to try the melevelus live Chatbox

Check out Frequently Asked Questions Page


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