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Farming is one of our many specialties. If you want an incredible number of engrams, we can get those for you. There’s a lot of opportunity to get the specific loot you want for example you could potentially get new helmets, gauntlets, chest plates, leg armor, primary weapons, secondary weapons, heavy weapons, artifacts, bonds, cloaks, marks and much more.

Package Guarantees: (The Number of Engrams may vary Depending the on Service you select under the Engram Options)

+ Multiple Random Engrams 

+ Potential Legendary Engrams

+ Potential Rare Engrams

+ Potential Exotic Engrams

+ Uncommon Engrams

Start Time & Finish:

With the service, we can start helping You within 24 hours after purchase.  After we have gotten the order started it can take Anywhere from 1 hour to 2 days to complete this service.


Will some or all of my Engrams Be Opened and be put into my Vault?

Yes, Some or All of Your Engrams we Obtain May Already Be Opened and in Your Vault.

How much Vault Space is there Exactly?

200 items Can Be Stored in Vault.


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