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Premium Trials Package Completion

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We can help you get to The Third Spire at Rapid Speeds.  Our Team of Experienced Trials Players can bring you along this Amazing Journey to get you to The Third Spire and the gear that you’ve always Desired. (Disclaimer): The Package Guarantees May Vary Based off of Completion Options Chosen.

Package Guarantees: (per trials card completion)

+ Complete Flawless Trials the Nine Card  (All 7 wins on card)

+ Potential Gear Drops from Trials Game Completion (Random Drop Rate)

+ Potential Trials Tokens  (Random Drop Rate)

+ Access to The Third Spire Social Space (+1 Win Required)

+ Access to Armor and Weapons from All the Emissaries (Flawless Card Only)

+ Trials Exclusive Emblems (For First Time Flawless)

+ Potential Exclusive Trials Shaders (Random Drop Rate)

+ Call to Arms Quest Completion (Only Available as Separate or Combo Completion Package)

Start Time & Finish:

With the service, we can start helping You within 24 hours after purchase.  After we have gotten the order started it can take Anywhere from 1 hours to 9 hours to complete this service.


  • Must Complete The Main Story Campaign
  • Must be at least 260 Power Level
  • Complete the Call to Arms Quest


What’s Included in Trials Card Completion Options? < Question Relevant to [ “+ COMPLETE TRIALS CARD(S)” Completion Options ]

Everything Included/Potentially Included that’s labeled in the Package Guarantees except for the Call to Arms Quest.


Whats Included in the Trials Card Win(s) Completions Options?  < Question Relevant to [ “+ Trials Card Win(s)” Completion Options ]

The Win(s) for Your Desired Trials Card Win Completion Option is what we guarantee.  We also Guarantee that we will win consecutive matches in a row matches If you purchase more than one win for the Trials Card Wins Completion Options.


What is the Call to Arms Quest?  < Question Relevant to [ “Call to Arms Quest” Completion Options ]

It’s the Quest that’s required to Unlock the ability to Play Trials of the Nine.  


Does the Call of Arms Quest Have to be Completed Once per Week?

No,  The Call to Arms Quest Only has to be completed Once Per Character; after You Complete the Call of Arms Quest on each character then you Don’t have to complete The Quest Again.


How Do I Know if I already Completed the Call to Arms Quest?

If You have the ability to Search the Trials of the Nine Matchmaking then you have completed the Call to Arms Quest for the Character that you’re playing on.


Do the Call to Arms Service Options Without the Trials Card Completion include anything else?

No, The Last Three Call to Arms Options on the Bottom of the Drop down list from the Completion Options only include the Call to Arms Quest Completion.


More Questions:

Feel Free to try the melevelus live Chatbox

Check out Frequently Asked Questions Page


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6 reviews for Premium Trials Package Completion

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bregthor0128 (verified owner)

    I was very satisfied with how fast the melevelus service representatives were able to complete my flawless run. Also, the treatment and overall respect they game me was excellent. I would definitely recommend any of the melevelus services if you want a reliable team of people to help you through the end game content. Overall a fantastic service.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Igor (verified owner)

    Ok guys and girls if you need help with anything on the best game ever D2 you can always contact the MELEVELUS they are excellent, fast,safe and overall friendly! They help me to go flawless on trials on all three characters… im happy! I highly recommend them. Fantastic job

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    You guys are great… I plan on using you guys a lot in the future and I know for a fact I’m using you this weekend coming up I’ve had trouble with sweats and you guys just made me feel very happy thanks you guys for the support

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    caronr15 (verified owner)

    You guys did it thank you I am feeling great about my gear and you guys are the best I will keep using you

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    munnz (verified owner)

    Great Team at Melevelus
    Service was provided very quick and was in constant communication with the Crew.
    Great experience and will use them again in the future
    Keep Up the Great Work A+++++

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rudy (verified owner)

    I paid for two flawless runs and you guys have done it again great job… I’m very satisfied and will continue to support you guys hope I’m number one in your spot and hope one day I get to play with you guys thank you

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