Terms and Conditions


      • When participating or using our services, you’re accepting the Terms and Conditions and rules for melevelus.com

            General Terms of Use

      • We make no claims to own the property of any video games associated with this website.
      • melevelus.com completes digital gaming services associated with Helping You with Video Games, e.g. The Leveling, Boosting, Farming, Carrying and Coaching Services.
      • If evidence of our services needs justifying, we may take screenshots before and after the services are completed.
      • The services will usually start and finish within a sensible amount of time.  If you’re unsatisfied with the speed at which we start and finish the service, then contact a customer service representative via the melevelus.com chatbox.
      • Under the Package Guarantees for the service, we do not guarantee that the customer will get any of the items that are labeled with the word Potential or next to the word Potential.
      • The descriptions of the services don’t have an exact specification of the services, the package guarantee’s give you a clear idea of what it is that you’re likely getting from the service, But we don’t guarantee that you will get everything on the list of the Package Guarantees.
      • The owner of melevelus.com has the right to alter or change the content of melevelus.com website.
      • Customers, Specialists, and website visitors are not permitted to use the melevelus banner, logo, images, written website information, or any material on melevelus.com without permission.

            The Rights of the Customers and Website Visitors

      • Customers have the right to give a review of our services, comment or give criticisms.
      • Customers or website visitors of melevelus.com have the right to contact us to remove any content that they claim to be their copyright.
      • Customers have the right to contact us or any customer representative associated with melevelus.com

            Customers Responsibilities & Acknowledgements

      • Customers have to be aware of the services that they are paying for, We don’t take responsibility for any errors that are made while purchasing our services or any errors on the add to cart page or on the billing information page.
      • It’s the customer’s full responsibility to keep the confidentiality of their gaming account username, gaming email, and gaming password, by doing this you accept all the activity that may occur involving distribution of your gaming username, gaming email and password.
      • If fraud has occurred on the customer’s account, the customer must cooperate with any lawful investigation involving the customers purchases and recent purchase activity on melevelus.com.  Customers or people involved with melevelus.com must not hold the owner of melevelus.com accountable for any lawyer fees associated with the use of our services and with the melevelus business.
      • The information written on the About Us Page is accommodated for when the melevelus business offers multiple games with other gaming services.  For now, the About us Page is only referring to the destiny services that we have to offer.
      • The owner of melevelus.com has the right to remove any comments that may be hostile, or invasive to a person’s privacy.

           Service Specialists 

      • All New Service Specialists are Required to sign the necessary agreements/forms in Order to Be an Applicable Official melevelus.com Service Specialist.
      • Specific Personal Information is needed in order to Be a Legal Worker.
      • Paypal will be used as the payment method for the melevelus Service Specialists.
      • Personal PayPal Email, phone numbers will be used to contact and pay Service Specialists.
      • The Service Specialists working for melevelus.com must acknowledge the safety precautions used to protect customer’s information.
      • The owner of melevelus.com will take responsibility for processing orders for Service Specialists.
      • Being a Video Game Service Specialist is just the job title for these services.  We’d like to Clarify The jobs titles Gaming service Specialist, Service Specialist, Gamer Specialist, Gaming Specialist, Gaming Pro, and Pro are varied Job titles used as alternative Names to Video Game Service Specialist.


      • If customers aren’t satisfied with our services, or if service was purchased by mistake then the customer may be entitled to a refund, but if customer issues a refund after the service is complete then they are not subjected to get a refund.  If we fail to complete the service(s) that you purchase then you will get your money back guaranteed.  For all other reasons, you can still request a refund by contacting a customer service representative via email, or melevelus.com chatbox.

            Additional Disclaimers

      • We are not responsible for the actions that may happen when website visitor or customer clicks on third party website links. We are also not responsible for any liability issues that happen on these websites.
      • We don’t guarantee or warrant that our services will be faultless.
      • We don’t guarantee that our services will be completed within a timely manner.
      • The customer is responsible for any costs associated with purchasing these services.